Master post: How to play Cartoon Cartoons Summer Resort

Help! I can’t play Cartoon Cartoons Summer Resort!

Cartoon Cartoons Summer Resort title screen
The title screens for all four CCSR episodes.

I don’t often receive reader mail. When I do, it’s exciting for me because I enjoy communicating with you all! The most popular question I receive is in regards to Cartoon Cartoon’s Summer Resort and how to play it. This post serves as a short guide on accessing the game and troubleshooting your way through any potential problems you may encounter in the process.

In my original live stream recap post, I included a few explanations on how I was able to play the game. Since then, a lovely YouTuber, Paola C., took to my video’s comments and was kind enough to share an easier way to play the games.

If you visit this website, each episode can be played by clicking the links 1.html, 2.html, 3.html, and 4.html. If you browse through this index a little more, you’ll also notice it’s a small archive of some older Cartoon Network games. It’s definitely worth checking out whether you’re nostalgic or just curious about some of the earlier CN flash games.

That answers the question of “where can I play the games?”. Dealing with obstacles on getting the game to load is what comes next. The following is a bullet point list of some solutions you may want to look into:

Plugins: This may seem like the most obvious question, but are Flash and Shockwave installed on your browser? You won’t be able to play the games without them. As of the published date of this post, you can no longer download Shockwave from Adobe. It can still be found elsewhere on the Internet, but take caution and make sure you’re downloading from a trusted source.

Browsers: Here’s where things could get a bit tricky in the sense that this may be different for everyone. The following explanations are merely my own anecdotes so this is something that could be a different story for others.

-Chrome: This browser has been the most challenging to make the games work on. I can’t actually recall if I’ve ever gotten them to work on Chrome before. If I ever have it was probably a situation of 1 out of 30 tries or something.

-Safari: I’ve had the most luck playing these games on Safari. Both on Mac and PC (if you still use a PC that supports Safari for Windows).

-Firefox: I’ve only tried Firefox a few times but found it to work fine when I did. I’d probably recommend this next up if Safari isn’t an option. Bear in mind it’s been a couple years since I’ve tried this so this may be outdated advice.

-Internet Explorer/Edge: I wasn’t able to get things working on Edge. It may have been more of a Shockwave problem than a Flash problem. In terms of Internet Explorer, while I didn’t try it, I get the feeling that it could possibly still do the trick. At least the last time I checked (probably a couple years now), it still seemed pretty Shockwave friendly. Give it a try and see what happens.

-Other browsers: I haven’t attempted to play on other browsers aside from those aforementioned since truthfully I’m not looking to over-experiment on this. If anyone has any success (or lack of) on other browsers, let me know and I can make a note here. One e-mail I received asking for help mentioned they tried to go as far back as Netscape Navigator 9. The sender of said e-mail was unable to get beyond the loading screen.

[Edit September 14 2019] Comment below from user Hammy: “If you’re struggling to find a browser capable of running these ancient Shockwave games, try the 32 bit version of Pale Moon. Only browser I’ve managed to get these games working on.” [/Edit]

Using the WayBack Machine: This was another method I used to make the original links work when I first did my stream a couple years ago. I didn’t go too far back, but I didn’t go too recent at the time either (2017) and still wouldn’t recommend going back more recently. At the time I found success in using a 2012 mirror. Try it for yourself and see.

And that’s all for this master post on CCSR. I hope this helps! If you believe I’m missing any tips, or if you’ve tried everything and still can’t make it work, let me know. 

Mirror links again for anyone who missed them up top:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

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7 thoughts on “Master post: How to play Cartoon Cartoons Summer Resort”

  1. If you’re struggling to find a browser capable of running these ancient Shockwave games, try the 32 bit version of Pale Moon. Only browser I’ve managed to get these games working on.


  2. I wanted to play my fav game from my childhood but Flash died 😦
    I hope someone finds a way to make it playable again


      1. Your best bet currently is Flashpoint. It’s a program that can play Flash stuff and provides access to a massive database of games and animations. Last I checked, all four Summer Resort games were on it, but it strangely seems to fluctuate. Take a look if you haven’t already, both you and Renzo.


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