The Netstorian is commentary on Internet history and culture, with some educational tones. This blog’s main focus is on Web-based topics, but other aspects of the Internet are often touched upon.

As a millennial who has been online since the start of the new millennium, I’ve grown up online and watched the Web grow into what it is today. Right from the start, the Internet and its culture has always fascinated me. Throughout the years, I’ve spent hours sitting on the computer taking in what cyberspace had to offer. I’ve seen phenomena come and go, the evolution of how others interact online, and everything between. I’m young (Born 1996), but I’ve been around long enough (since 2000) to believe that I have a lot of valuable thoughts to share on both the old and the new.

This blog serves not only as a way for me to talk about what I find interesting, but also as a way to learn as I go, and hopefully teach something new to a reader in the process. While I do occasionally place my opinion in my writing, I try to avoid making my thoughts a main focus, unless otherwise noted. With that in mind, I aim to hear from readers and allow them to have a say as well. Everyone’s Internet experience is different, and I’d love to hear what others have experienced. Please get in touch as often as you’d like to tell me your side of the story, or if you have any suggestions for upcoming content.


A quick description of the different types of posts:

“Let’s Play a Net Game”: Livestream showcasing Internet games from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. (Hosted externally at Twitch)

“Let’s Play A Net Game” re-cap blog: A look back on the previous night’s stream, plus video link for anyone who missed the broadcast.

“Web Relic Showcase”: Exploration of an abandoned webpage from the early Web.

Major features: Long-form articles focused on important and/or interesting parts of Internet history.

Miscellaneous info about me:
Outside of my love for the Internet and computing, I am very passionate about music. I play bass in a band called Kings of Our Kin. I also make music as a solo artist. My favourite video game series is Pokemon, especially the earlier generations (1 to 3). My favourite TV show is RuPaul’s Drag Race. My favourite sports team is the Toronto Raptors.

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