Web 2.0 Culture: Viruses everywhere

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Screenshot of malware, pop-ups, and other viruses on a computer
A familiar sight of Web 2.0 users who didn’t know any better (screenshot from HackRead)

Viruses have been spreading through the Internet for as long as a connection has allowed them. From e-mails, to shady websites, to advanced software like ransomware, they’ve always found a way. A lot of this attributes to user-ignorance; For a tool used by the majority of people on a daily basis, it’s still common in this day and age that most users don’t know how to protect themselves from viruses online.

Fortunately, web browsers and computers created in recent years have been created with more idiot-proof features in order to prevent as much damage as possible. Pop-up blockers, in-browser malware detectors, and the like are everyday tools that keep our computers a little bit safer. But before these convenient virus-preventing services came along, it wasn’t as easy for the average person to avoid them. Of all the web eras thus far, malware seemed to have its most common day during Web 2.0. Continue reading “Web 2.0 Culture: Viruses everywhere”