25 years of Web memories

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web
WorldWideWeb creator Tim Berners-Lee (Photo from CERN)
Tuesday Aug. 23 marked Internaut Day, the 25th (unofficial) anniversary of when Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web to the general public. Berners-Lee and his team brought more than just an interconnected society to the masses, but also brought positive change to users lives in more ways than one. Continue reading “25 years of Web memories”

Web browser history part 1: The evolution of the web browser

Original WorldWideWeb logo
Original WorldWideWeb logo, designed in 1990 by Robert Cailliau

If there’s any 20th century invention that changed the world in a revolutionary way, it is the World Wide Web. What started as a small project to easily host internal information over the internet has since transformed into an integral part of our modern society. The information and content we have today would not be accessible without the creation of web browsers. Before web browsers, internet users did not have much to rely on aside from e-mails and newsgroups. This has since changed. From simplistic software in its early days, to multi-functioning products today, browsers have come a long way. Continue reading “Web browser history part 1: The evolution of the web browser”