First post – Hello!

Welcome to The Netstorian! Before I actually get into any relevant content, I figured it was appropriate to give everyone an introductory post.

The Netstorian is a blog that will focus strictly on the history of internet culture. Both old and new, though I’ll likely focus more on older things.

“So what specifically can I expect to see on The Netstorian?”

Personal commentary on everything from websites, memes, evolution and history, and just about anything in-between that has to do with what’s happened on the World Wide Web.

“What makes you so qualified to talk about this?”

I’ve been on the internet a very long time, since 2000. While that might not sound like a “very long time” to some net veterans who have been on since the 1990s and even 1980s, it’s a long time for someone who was born in 1996. Throughout the years I’ve seen phenomena come and go, but it has always fascinated me. Ever since I started using the internet, I’ve always wanted to dig a little deeper into what I saw, wanting to know more. Anything that I write about on here will either be something I experienced first-hand or researched extensively.

“Memes come and go every day on the internet, what’s the point in covering trends?”

The state of the internet now is obviously a lot different than it was 16 years ago, it’s true that it seems like there’s hype about something new every single day. Once they fade into obscurity, or in rare instances, survive the test of time, is when things get interesting. Any topic, old or new, can be looked at from a different perspective. Where did it come from? How did it get so big? Why didn’t it last? There are a number of questions that can apply to just about anything, and those are some of the angles I want to focus on for every topic I cover.

“I’ve seen some cool stuff too in my time! You should let me talk about it!”

Luckily for you, if you’ve got something to say about a topic on the internet, I’m all ears. As I’ve mentioned previously, although I’ve been online a long time, there are plenty of people who have been on longer, and many of them have some great things to say about things that happened before I was even alive. On the other hand, there’ll also be plenty of people who remember the same things I do, and will likely have interesting points of view on the subjects too. While this website is based on my own “net memories”, I want to hear the net memories of others. I’m also always open to suggestions for future content.


I hope that by this point I’ve convinced you to want to stick around for future content. At the time of writing this post, I have plans to get my first post up in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Have a suggestion for a future post? Have a net memory of your own that you’d like to share? Post it in the comments below, or send an e-mail to

Author: The Netstorian

Internet culture enthusiast and creator of The Netstorian.

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